Utterly eccentric Domino Magazine  / You won't find anything ordinary here Apartment Therapy Truly unique finds DesignSponge  / Kirk has a gift for turning the random into the amazing - Yelp Reviewer  / A subtle, refined design sense. Like Mardis Gras subtle. Aurora Suzette  / Walking into the shop is like sliding down the rabbit hole - you just never know what you're going to find Seattle Times NW Source  / Kirk goes big. A giant gilded shoe (formerly a display item?). A time-worn stack of vintage wedding cake molds. A huge MEAT MARKET sign. You won't see this kind of stuff in your regular store, but Kirk isn't operating your regular shop. Decorno  / The go-to guy for young professionals with hip, expansive loft space in need of a defining focal point. Apartment Therapy  / Kirk Albert has a knack for creating original works out of found objects Seattle Magazine  / A brilliant and inspiring shop of restored and re-appropriated antique and mid-century modern objects Blog.BuildLLC  / Kirk Albert has an amazing ability to find and mix whimsical and the obscure vintage home furnishings together for a great urban mix ThisNext.com  / The kind of marvelous shop that you stumble into and don't soon forget Seattle Times NWSource